1 Jun 2017

Poem 6

All the way through

It is reassuring, somehow, to find I am depressed
in a way that is of a piece with my self.

Like Brighton rock, I am the same stuff, all the way through.

24 May 2017

Six-pack? None-pack!

There's no way I knew what a six-pack was as a 6- or 9-year old. It wasn't a thing in my world. For my children, however, with super heroes swarming around them, and Anaconda waiting in the wings of inappropriateness, six-packs are a thing. My daughter had the closest thing to one in the family for a while.

As all those with small children know, the ability to burst your bubble is in-built, not acquired. Given this, perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised when my son declared that his father had a none-pack, not a six-pack. This clanger was shortly followed by a chorus of "squishy, squishy, squishy" as my son poked various parts of my anatomy.

Good to know how one is viewed.

On a similarly silly note, this blog is a year old...

1 May 2017

Poem 5

As if you're dead

I miss you as if you’re dead.
In particular, certain times of day early morning,
the evening moving into night;
certain activities changing the baby, bathing her,
going to bed alone;
make me feel the loss of you like a sick pain.

I miss you as if you’re dead.
Ridiculous. You’ve only gone to France.

But my heart is playing out another story of its own.
It tells me you have gone forever.

Your absence punctuates my day as if you were here,
wrapped round us
like a blanket, like a shroud.

30 Apr 2017

One last swim...(Kalk Bay, Hout Bay)

April has been more like March should be -- hot, windless, definitely the end of summer, rather than the beginning of autumn. The difference is the swims -- I kept on having what I thought was the last swim of the season. The very last one, I suspect was on Saturday 29 April, in a tidal pool near Kalk Bay. It was frigid!

We arrived too late to swim before lunch, so swam after -- mid-afternoon, when the sun was already thinking of going behind the mountains. It was super-low tide, and I thought the sea would have heated up a bit, but it was more like iced water than anything else. It took me several minutes to inch myself in, and when my legs were in and I dipped my hands in, I couldn't believe that most of me was in the water. My legs had pretty much gone numb. I swam to the wall and put my head under, but couldn't bear to sit on the wall and let the incoming tide smack over me in a white froth of bubbles.

The children got in, and swam to the wall too, though they are often shy of cold water. Actually, they were so taken with the small amount of bodysurfing they did at Milnerton last weekend that they begged to go to the beach again yesterday. It was a changeable day, rainy and thundery in the morning, cold in between, then heating up after lunch. We took them to Hout Bay, with boards, and they gamely sprang in despite the other real surfers who were in having full wetsuits on.

We wrapped them in towels on the beach and rinsed them off before dressing in the back of the car in the warm.

Last swim for me in the pool at home, after getting back from the beach... at least I think so.

Our Hout Bay trip ended with a visit to Spiros, a Greek restaurant which is known in our family for its dress-up facilities and decent food. We had dinner with a gorilla with a somewhat scruffy six-pack that evening.

28 Apr 2017

Braaing in April

The children wanted a friend to sleep over, but it turned into coming for dinner instead -- a braai. It was warm enough to cook (and play) outside but then we ate inside. I missed the bit when the lamb chops were on the grid (they were quite something), but here are the homemade pitas cooking.

I rolled the dough out into circles and brushed them with olive oil when they were on the grid, but wasn't responsible for the dough-making (style of the house pizza dough used almost every Friday for movie night)...